Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shy Garden Gal (Pin-up) Turns Jealous !

My normally shy garden gal became jealous when she heard other garden accoutrement were pictured on my blog and she wasn't. So I had to accommodate her. When she heard she was posing for my blog, she gladly agreed to my taking her photo. Here you see her making her Pin-up debut, 'Demurely in the Salvia'. See how she is posing just like a movie star! She took time to do her eyebrows, but not to dress for the occasion.Be on the lookout for small items to decorate your outdoor tables. I picked up this mini garden Ferris wheel in the kitchen section of a thrift store. I couldn't resist and was glad the mini terra cotta pots I later purchased fit in the slots just perfectly. I wonder what this would have been used for originally? Does anyone have any ideas?
We went to a garage sale years ago and picked up this gate for five dollars. I have never used it as a gate, just as a garden decoration. Someone was really talented in converting discarded tools into this beautiful gate. Now the gate makes a normally bland, exterior brick fireplace wall look so much better.OK, this is getting ridiculous, even the lizards want to pose for the blog. I leave you with a photo of this handsome fellow and bid you adieu for today.