Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Garden Treasures

By request, I am posting more of my garden treasures for the world to see. Here is a concrete garden elf who hides behind the post of my wisteria pergola. His paint is really peeling and I would like to restore him, but I am afraid to scrape the old paint off. One of these days I would like to do it. Any ideas on what type of paint to use on him for outside? I wish I could find him a friend. He used to have a wheelbarrow he pushed because his hands have a hole to insert the handles. Perhaps I'll find a woodworker some day to make a wheelbarrow just his size.This plant stand might not look like much, but you wouldn't believe how handy it is to set newly planted seedlings on so I can keep on eye on them to water them. Then when they need to be re potted to a larger size, the larger sized pots fit in the circles on the side. The whole thing rotates around. I put the piece of wood on the top to sit the smaller plants on. I suspect at one time the plant turnaround had another layer - that would have been really something.
I picked up this mini tea cart up at a second hand store and couldn't resist it. Even though it is blue and doesn't go with the rest of the colors in my garden, I hate to paint it because it is so well preserved. It is the perfect height to put a glass of lemonade down while sitting in the lawn chair. I also have an old iron record stand that is perfect as an end table beside another lawn chair. You never know what you can use in the garden for furniture. I like iron or painted furniture because they hold up well under all types of weather.Here's a couple of my glass Victorian ladies (or totems as some call them) chatting in the shade of the garden cottage. One of them has had too much to drink and she is a little tipsy or maybe she's swooning in the heat. Anyway, the two ladies have been hanging around my garden for three years now and the glue has held the glass all that time. They are easy to make, just pick up the occasional mismatched vase and plate and glue them together in any sort of fashion. If you look closely you can see the ladies hat and their face and then their dress - maybe the heat has gotten to me too. If you look real close you can see the ducks around the ladies, I think they have been feeding them, because the ducks never leave their side.

I would love to see your garden treasures, in the comments section, please post a link so I can see them. I'll probably do one more post of garden treasures as I have a few more hanging around in the gardens.